Overcoming Price Pressure & Disappointing Sales

"Why the Highest Price Isn't the Best Price," 

MIT/Sloan Management Review, Winter, 2010. 

Axios faculty affiliate James Anderson shares how to practice value-based pricing that boosts profits and promotes better relationships with customers.​

"Customer Value Propositions in Business Markets," 

Harvard Business Review, March 2006. 

Axios faculty affiliate, James Anderson describes the pitfalls of popular approaches and presents a systematic method for developing more effective value propositions.

Value Merchants: Demonstrating and Documenting Superior Value in Business Markets.

​James Anderson and his co-authors explain how to achieve best practice in customer value management. An Axios customer value innovation tool is highlighted in chapter 3.

Selected Publications

A Report from the Institute for the Study of Business Markets

Customer Value Myths That Lower Profitability

Kellogg on Integrated Marketing

Axios co-founder, Eric Berggren, and faculty affiliates, Bob Calder and Rick Kolsky, contributed chapter 12 on "Integrated Marketing and the Web."


Follow on:

"Tiebreaker Selling," 

Harvard Business Review, March 2014. 

This article shares James Anderson's research and gives practical steps to improve value selling performance.

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