Value Merchants: Demonstrating and Documenting Superior Value in Business Markets.

​James Anderson and his co-authors explain how to achieve best practice in customer value management. An Axios customer value innovation tool is highlighted in chapter 3.

Selected Publications

A Report from the Institute for the Study of Business Markets

Customer Value Myths That Lower Profitability

"Tiebreaker Selling," 

Harvard Business Review, March 2014. 

This article shares James Anderson's research and gives practical steps to improve value selling performance.

Overcoming Price Pressure & Disappointing Sales

Kellogg on Integrated Marketing

Axios co-founder, Eric Berggren, and faculty affiliates, Bob Calder and Rick Kolsky, contributed chapter 12 on "Integrated Marketing and the Web."

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"Why the Highest Price Isn't the Best Price," 

MIT/Sloan Management Review, Winter, 2010. 

Axios faculty affiliate James Anderson shares how to practice value-based pricing that boosts profits and promotes better relationships with customers.​

"Customer Value Propositions in Business Markets," 

Harvard Business Review, March 2006. 

Axios faculty affiliate, James Anderson describes the pitfalls of popular approaches and presents a systematic method for developing more effective value propositions.