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Customer Value Innovation (CVI)

In more depth than typical voice-of-the-customer or customer satisfaction initiatives, Customer Value Innovation uses a variety of proven tools to develop
unique insights into unresolved customer problems and previously unidentified opportunities.  CVI creates a clear a path for profitable growth.


Customized Executive Education

Leveraging the Axios network of faculty at the leading business schools, Axios designs and leads customized executive education programs to seed our clients with 
cutting edge insights and build new capabilities. Programs can range from 90-minute presentations to three-day workshops. In addition to presentations, workshops have breakout sessions where participants work in small groups to "learn by doing" and more quickly integrate the new skills into their work.​

Value Pricing

Moving beyond competitor and cost-plus pricing, Axios Value Pricing uses the assessment of customer value to develop value pricing capabilities at three levels:

  • Strategic 
  • Tactical
  • Transactional 

Additionally, value-based sales tools are developed to prove the value to customers enabling true value selling. 

Customer Value Analysis (CVA)

Customer Value Analysis identities what short and long term changes your business can make to improve the return on your customer value. Through internal interviews, reviews of existing documentation, and comparison to best practices, Axios identifies lagging capabilities and designs a targeted approach to close those gaps. A business case is developed to identify market gains and incremental profitability from successful implementation.

Value-driven Business Model Design

Axios Value-driven Business Model Design combines the assessment of customer value with other innovation tools to re-design business models for increased return on customer value and stronger competitive barriers. By eliminating value drains and leaks, the cost of value delivery is reduced.  New revenue sources are established, and the more creative go-to-market strategy is more difficult for your competition to imitate.  

Customer Value Management (CVM)

Customer Value Management relies upon customer value assessment to gain an understanding of customer requirements and preferences, and what it is worth in monetary terms to fulfill them. Simply put, to gain an fair
return on the value their offerings deliver, suppliers must be able to prove the value they provide customers relative to the next-best-alternative for those customers. To enable clients to achieve best practice in CVM, we developed CVET, a proprietary cloud-based application to quantify customer value and build sales tools that prove the value in sales situations.